Directed by Victor D. Ponten

When his gambling addiction leads to a big financial problem, central defender Jermaine is tempted to give in to an offer from a Chinese gambling syndicate. Catacombe is a movie about a player from the lower regions of professional European soccer. Will Jermaine betray his club, his teammates and himself by throwing the relegation match? At the same time Jermaine struggles in his relationships with his shifty father, whom he tries not to emulate, and his babymother, whom he has disappointed too often already.

After Rabat (2011), which he co-directed and co-wrote with Jim Taihuttu, Catacombe is the second feature film by director Victor D. Ponten. He wrote the screenplay together with Mustafa Duygulu, who is known as an actor from the Jim’s second film Wolf and the Dutch TV series Celblok H and Nieuwe Buren. The movie was shot on location in the Netherlands, Belgium and Taiwan in 2017 and opens in Dutch cinemas on 13 september 2018. It stars Willem de Bruin, one of the most popular rap artists in the Netherlands, in his big screen debut as an actor.

I’m interested in the tragedy of the character. It’s about a universal fear of failure.

‘Because it is not about things like game plans or about how exactly match fixing on the pitch works, I think people who don’t care about soccer will still find it an interesting movie,’ says Victor. ‘I researched all of that too, of course. Everything in the film comes from somewhere. But I’m telling the story through Willem and how everything impacts his character. What is he up against and how will he maintain his self-esteem and self-image? I’m interested in the tragedy of the character. It’s about a universal fear of failure.’

Willem de Bruin, Kevin Janssens, Liliana de Vries, Orion Lee, Werner Kolf, Mark Rietman
Victor D. Ponten
Victor D. Ponten, Mustafa Duygulu
Lennart Verstegen
Lieke Scholman
Patrick Schonewille
Michael Sauvage
Daniel Tuparia, Zbigniew Wolny
Julius Ponten, Sander Verdonk