We believe in the
power of stories

All meaningful things are built on stories. Nations, religions, cultures, revolutions and relations. And yes, brands too. Great stories connect with us. They have the power to generate long lasting relationships or even create value in our lives.

It goes without saying that we are the change that we execute.We at New Amsterdam still have many transitions to make and we are aware we have not done enough at all. We commit to changing this from within to out and spare no canvas.

New Amsterdam believes in the power of stories to change from the old to the new normal. To break down the existing barriers and together with you create something as potent and inviting in a mass media landscape, starting at the grassroots of our business.

We are ready to help you from creative to production and all the steps in between. New stands for a hybrid of thinkers and makers in sync with todays normal.

We are not just a production company or just an agency,

we are New Amsterdam

The lines are open

Whether you are in search for strategic consultancy & concept development to help build the story of your brand or simply an integrated production and art buying team to execute your idea, we are always happy to help you.

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