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Hettenheuvelweg 12
1101 BN, Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Meet the New Amsterdammers

We are a passionate group of thinkers, creators, producers and makers. We are trying to create stories that stand out in a new world. We love to collaborate with talented people, creative companies and strong brands.

Christoph van Veghel Christoph van Veghel Creative Strategist
Shekhar Kewalbansing Shekhar Kewalbansing Finance Director
Laura Hannewijk Laura Hannewijk Producer
Giuseppe du Crocq Giuseppe du Crocq Creative Director
Jelani Isaacs Jelani Isaacs Chief Executive Producer
Sander Verdonk Sander Verdonk Managing Partner
Sanne Stoker Sanne Stoker Project Producer
Thomas den Drijver Thomas den Drijver Film Producer
Belma Topalovic Belma Topalovic Back Office Manager
Lotte Lotte Office Manager
Philip Harthoorn Philip Harthoorn Executive Producer

The lines are open

Whether you are in search for strategic consultancy & concept development to help build the story of your brand or simply an integrated production and art buying team to execute your idea, we are always happy to help you.

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