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With his freshly cast broken arm, Pelle (12) is unable to play with the other kids on the French camping site where he and his family are spending their summer vacation. On the eve of their return to Holland, he overhears his parents and their neighbours talk about ‘recognizing chances’ and how ‘the world won’t wait’. But it appears to be too late for Pelle, who has been too shy to talk to the other quiet girl on the site. On the way home, however, he spots one final opportunity to make up for it.

Rohan Timmermans, Huub Smit
Loes Schnepper, Lottie Hellingman
Ewout Eggink, Richelle Plantinga
Jeroen Houben
Martijn Hillenius
Gregg Telussa
Wouter van Luijn
Jeroen Houben
Julius Ponten & Philip Harthoorn

A few weeks before he will start high school, a boy learns a lesson about taking chances and showing initiative. While his big sister and parents are making new friends, Pelle has been sidelined by his broken arm, and his shyness. In the beautifully constructed Plaster, director Jeroen Houben and writer Martijn Hillenius (who appears shortly as the doctor) show how a seemingly trivial exercise can be someone’s formative experience. Jeroen also composed the soundtrack, including the song ‘Si le Monde N’Attand Pas’