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Nothing escapes the attention of veteran hotel inspector Ludwig, from the timing of his wake-up call to the art on the wall and the wine with his dinner. The consummate professional has practically built a home for himself inside his job. A chance meeting with a much younger, female inspector—and several bottles of wine—help him to break his routine.

Home Suite Home
Gene Bervoets, Thekla Reuten
Slimane Dazi
Writer and director
Jeroen Houben
Gregg Telussa
Wouter van Luijn
Jeroen Houben
Julius Ponten & Philip Harthoorn

Home is where the heart is. For Ludwig, that’s in his work, which he takes very seriously. He is on the road three-hundred days of the year, staying in different hotels night after night. Writer and director Jeroen Houben allows Ludwig to let loose for one night in Paris—just a little bit, but enough to reconnect with a more carefree, former version of himself. Home Suite Home is a beautifully realized short film, crowdfunded by over a hundred backers who each get a mention on the credits. Belgian actor Gene Bervoets and Dutch star Thekla Reuten both put in a wonderful performance as Ludwig and his younger rival-inspector Stella respectively. After you’ve been doing something successfully for a very long time, it’s easy to forget what excited you about it in the first place. Home Suite Home is a reminder to stay connected to that feeling.