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Plan C

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Plan C, one of the funniest Dutch films you’ll ever see, has several things going for it, including a solid, witty screenplay and a fantastic cast. It’s a very Dutch take on a Coen brothers type of genre film where everything that can go wrong will go wrong, a story populated by tragi-comic characters that fail at life more and more the harder they try to get ahead. Comedian Ruben van der Meer, in his first acting lead, stars as detective Plasmeyer. His criminal accomplices are played by veteran actors Ton Kas and René van ’t Hof, whose on-screen chemistry makes them an unforgettable comedic duo.

Plan C
Ruben van der Meer, Ton Kas, Rene van 't Hof
Rifka Lodeizen, Kees Hulst
Victor Löw, Steef Cuijpers
Writer and director
Max Porcelijn
Coen Stroeve
Marc Bechtold
Erik-Jan Grob
Sander Verdonk, Gertjan Langeland
Denis Wigman, Max Porcelijn

Produced by CTM Films

For this film as well as his second, 2015’s The Glorious Works of G.F. Zwaen, director Max Porcelijn collaborated closely with a group of friends that formed at the Netherlands Film Academy. Plan C, written specifically for all of its lead actors, received seven Gouden Kalf nominations at the 2012 Netherlands Film Festival (including best picture) and won two (best supporting actor and best screenplay). It won the best screenplay award at Fantastic Fest in Austin, which also nominated it for best picture.

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Best Screenplay
Austin Fantastic Fest
Best Screenplay
Dutch Film Festival
Best Actor
San Marino IFF