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You might know RANI from the hit single ‘Post Malone’ with DJ Sam Feldt or from one of the many other multiple gold and platinum songs she featured on or has co-written.

But that’s not all she does, a couple of years ago RANI started writing songs for her own solo project. In 2021 she released her debut album called ‘396’, guided by a deeply felt desire to use music to share stories that are genuine and relatable and informed by the diverse heritage of her family. 

RANI continues to speak her mind through the act of music. There was no question in mind, she had to write the song ‘Complexion’. A song about being a woman living in a world where there’s a certain pressure, that sometimes makes women feel unsafe.

RANI: "With all the horrible stories in the media, I wrote this song from my own personal experience, and I’m sure I am not the only woman in the world feeling like this. This has to change.”

When she asked us te create a video for her upcoming single, she had one special request on the table. It had to be made entirely by an all-female crew. From pre- to postproduction, in front of and behind the camera.

With all the talented women around us, that wouldn’t be a problem at all. Working together with this beautiful group of women, was an amazing journey. The urge to tell this story was tangible by everyone and the vibe on set was very serene. 

Director Catharina Losifidi captured these powerful women beautifully, just by letting them be who they are in all different facets. Showing some of the behind-the-scenes footage in the final edit, really tells the vibe on set. And the cherry on the cake has to be RANI’s mother starring in the video. Because who’s more powerful than your own mother?

 “Just imagine  

what could happen 

Without the pressure 


No second guessing 

A call to action”

Catherina Losifidis
Executive Producer
Laura Hannewijk
Jella Lena van Eck
Daphne Severeijns
Elle Willems
Dannique Suiskens
2nd AC
Nadine Haselier
Michelle van der Plas
Art Direction
Anne Sarah Dijkhorst
Art Assistent
Yana Engelbrecht
Styling on set
Lara Tomashchuk
Make-up Artist
Estefania ter Heerdt
Make-up Artist
Suus de Nies
Myrthe van der Vlis
Shoot Location
Studio Automat
Offline Editor
Annie Manueke
Annie Manueke
Denise Aznam
Joana Vinogradoff
Kiran Rosaly Renfurm
Mounira Mansour
Sterre Nacca

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