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Hollywood Banker

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When Rozemyn Afman heard that her father Frans was dying and had no time left to write his memoirs, she commenced work on a documentary to celebrate his enormous achievements in independent cinema. Together with legendary film producer Dino De Laurentiis, in the 1970s, Frans Afman  developed a new way of financing pictures that was based on pre-sales. Many great movies simply would not have existed without his involvement.

Hollywood Banker
Frans Afman, Oliver Stone, Kevin Costner
Paul Verhoeven, Menahem Golan
Yoram Globus, Martha De Laurentiis
Rozemyn Afman
Jeroen Simons, Joris Debeij
Arno Hagers, Edgar Burcksen
Sound designer
Jacco Lenstra
Eelke Kleijn
Rosan Boersma, Sander Verdonk
Denis Wigman

Produced by CTM Docs

The Terminator, A Room With A View, The Name of the Rose, Platoon, The Assault, Barfly, When Harry Met Sally, Dances With Wolves. Those are just some of the movies that Frans Afman helped get made between 1975 and 1992. The list goes on and on. Hollywood Banker includes not just extensive interviews with Frans Afman, but also with Paul Verhoeven, Kevin Costner, Menahem Golan, Mickey Rourke, Oliver Stone and many others. The documentary traces Afman’s extraordinary life story, and also relates how the most important Dutchman in Hollywood history impacted the lives of his daughter Rozemyn and her three brothers.