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True Stories of Investing

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Investing isn’t only for specialists or people with deep pockets. And Europe’s fastest growing online broker is on a mission to make investing accessible to a broader audience. Providing users with relevant information, an online trading academy, access to global markets and of course low fares, with DEGIRO’s platform everyone can buy and trade stocks. But still a lot of people think it’s too difficult and that it’s not for them. And while the interest rates of banks are at an all-time low, DEGIRO thought it was time to demystify all the misconceptions about the stock market. Asking us to make a documentary as well as a campaign showing that investing isn’t something reserved for the lucky few.

Not only for specialists or people with deep pockets, so we came up with a dual strategy based on a brand campaign and feature-lenght documentary.

True Stories of investing is directed by Lyangelo Vasquez who researched the history of investing and found some interesting stories with even more fascinating people to talk about them. Traveling the world to have these trade experts, professors and investors give first-hand insight into the basic principles of trading. We covered 4 main topics: Active vs Passive, Diversification and Risk, Crashes & Bubbles and Impact Investing. Creating a documentary and spin-off add campaign. Democratizing the trade markets and giving financial power to ordinary people around the world.


Nico Rosberg – F1 worldchampion & Investor, Hersh Shefrin – Professor financial behavior, Wendy De La Rosa – Behavioural scientist, Mark van Baal – Activist Investor, Rory Cellen-Jones – Financial Journalist, Sigbjørn Johnsen – ex Minister of Finance Norway, Sean Hagerty – Managing Director Asset Management, Pim Verlaan & Milou Brand – Financial Podcasters

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Check out examples of pan-European campaign Outdoor, Digital and 2 x 30″ Ads:  ACTIVE vs. PASSIVE AND IMPACT INVESTING

True Stories of Investing
Concept & Direction Documentary
Lyangelo Vasquez - Hyper Epic
Executive Producer
Sander Verdonk
Producer Documentary & Campaign
Fiscal Peters
Concept & Execution Campaign
Giuseppe du Crocq, Anoep Chawhari
Sue Doeksen, David Sporken
DOP Documentary
Nanko Groeting, Thomas Van Krugten
Mitchel Tan
Sound Recording
Henk-Jelle de Groot & Daan Arens
Sound Design
Henk-Jelle de Groot
Cheehan Kartosen-Wong
Projectmanager Campaign
Sanne Stoker
Post Production Campaign
The Compound
Post Production Documentary
Voice Over Recording
The Post Office - Amsterdam
Voice Over
Lauren Venster (NL) Nadja Freeman (UK)
Research & Archive
Fem Verbeek, Dominic Evans, Maartje Hofhuis, Jacobine de Brauw

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