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Qatar Airways
180 Amsterdam
Dan Treichel, Martin Beswick, Francesco Grandi
Alex Barber
Chantal Gulpers

Where do you want to go? It’s an enticing question. Why not fly around the world and visit that famous city, play on that lovely beach, watch a match in that huge stadium, find out why they call this the city of love, wonder if those are the best dumplings in the world and experience a place unlike anything else. Qatar Airways takes you everywhere.

Shot over eight days in six different cities across three continents, this Qatar Airways commercial lays out the international jetset treatment in just one minute. With all locations (except Central Park) specifically researched for this project, the crew started out at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and touched down in Paris, Barcelona, Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York, Doha and finally Amsterdam again. Along the way, FC Barcelona stars Neymar and Messi signed autographs, chef Nobu Matsuhisa fixed us something nice (those really were the best dumplings in the world) and the Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art was indeed incredible.