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Fox Sports
Anomaly Amsterdam
Zach McDonald, Daan van Dam, Ewoudt Boonstra
Victor D. Ponten
Gabor Deak & Lennart Verstegen
Govert Janse
Julius Ponten & Philip Harthoorn

A series of commercials for Fox Sports captures the emotions of true football fans gathered in front of a television set. Sentiments veer from ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ frustration to the sheer elation of ‘Gooaalll!’

When Fox Sports wanted to advertise its coverage of European club football, director Victor D. Ponten took advantage of the World Cup that happened to take place over the summer of 2014. Setting up his camera in fans’ homes, he was able to capture the unfiltered, unacted agony and joy that come with supporting a side in a high-stakes match. From the little girl in the Italian-Dutch family to the elderly gentleman with the PEC Zwolle scarf (who is, in fact, club legend Dries Jans in the company of local rap star Junte ‘Sticks’ Uiterwijk), every emotion is real.