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Paulus van der Linden works as a brewer for Amstel Beer in the Netherlands. At last he is able to show his friends the beer that he loves to taste at the brewery: Amstel Unfiltered. Cloudy beer straight from the lager tank, mild and full of taste. In his enthusiasm, Paulus conjures up images of singing brewers, jealous ‘beer monks’ as well as somebody who looks suspiciously like Hertog Jan (a rival beer brand). And the drummer from the Golding Earring playing a solo on a cloud in the sky—obviously.

Raf Reyntjens
Nanu Segal
Brian Ent, Kapsalon
Hectic Electric
Pavel Ananich
Executive producer
Jelani Isaacs, Sander Brenninkmeijer

The choir may not be a real choir and obviously those are not real monks and the fellow with the pony is certainly not a real medieaval duke. But Paulus van der Linden is definitely a real brewer and when he starts talking about beer he really is the most passionate speaker on the subject. No wonder he ended up as the principal character in director Raf Reyntjens’ zany commercial. After first scouting for a mountain top in Scotland and Iceland, Reyntjes and his crew, choir, monks, duke and pony ended up on a cliff in Spain where he filmed his epic scene with an 8-rotor drone. Dutch drumming legend Cesar Zuiderwijk (who also performs at the Vrienden van Amstel concert series) adds an absurd climax to a tale that leaves the brewer’s friends truly gobsmacked.